Measurable and Targeted

A well-designed Employee Engagement Survey (EES) can provide you insights on key motivating drivers such as leadership or work-life balance. A properly moderated customer perception focus group discussion can help you identify gaps in service delivery. A change readiness survey can equip you with critical knowledge of barriers before you embark on one.

All too often, clients conduct research that results in a “data dump”. Significant sums of money are spent on gathering data but with no meaningful conclusions, implications or direction for implementation of the results. 

aAdvantage focuses on delivering powerful insights based on accurate and reliable data so you can develop measurable solutions to meet your business objectives.

Anchor Your Transformation on Accurate and Reliable Data

To generate data and insights that make the most impact, aAdvantage Consulting’s team of research consultants first scopes questionnaires to meet your objectives. We then design customised research framework that:

Research Framework

Rigorous protocol is employed to ensure appropriate sampling method that reduces sampling errors and provide analysis at reasonable confidence levels.

Connecting with the People

More than a decade of experience handling small and large scale research projects, the team does more than just collecting data. We connect with the people and probe to uncover insights and ensure data is accurate and reliable. We are flexible in conducting various survey modes such as online surveys, street and phone interviews as well as focus group discussions.  Our highly skilled interviewers are equipped with excellent business communication skills to conduct in-depth interviews and facilitate discussions with senior management.

Unique Approach. Impactful Insights.

aAdvantage Consulting has been providing impactful insights to in the areas of customer perception and loyalty and organisational development  to both large and small organisations in industries such as health care, retail and public services. We improve our clients understanding of their stakeholders – employees, partners and customers – and their competitors enabling them to exploit new opportunities. Discover our unique approach to data analysis and reporting.



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