Employee Experience


Developing a High Performing Culture to Support Our Vision

Our Human Resources Strategy

Our people are our greatest asset as client relationships are built on delivery of great work, trust and rapport. It is these factors that drive our mission, vision and values and in turn guide our HR Philosophy.

Great place to do great work

At the core of this philosophy is the belief in investing in our people. This is reflected in the culture our leaders embrace and inspire; the physical environment and the systems and policies we develop that mutually benefit the company and its people.

How do we deliver our HR Strategy?



Be mindful that you are an integral part of a team. So, when practising the Work-Life schemes such as Work-From-Home and Time-Off, here are some rules of engagement:

  • Be open - keep all informed of your whereabouts by updating the common calendaring system, especially your team
  • Be accessible - All team members to be contactable via mobile phone
  • Be responsible - All missed calls to be returned within the day unless it is not possible due to other exigencies
  • Respect personal time when staff are away on vacation except in cases of emergencies which impact business continuity
  • Be clear - set expectations of deliverables and SMART goal.  This ensures that the “right work” gets done on time.  We consciously communicate that “doing right the first time” promotes efficiency and effectiveness.