Case Study 1: Leadership Development

Leadership Development to Meet Expansion and Growth Plans

Our client is a leading mobile phone manufacturer and is often cited as one of the most admired companies in the world. We designed and implemented its leadership development programme for its Beijing plant to support its ramping up strategy in China. Our services were subsequently called upon to facilitate the same programme at its Dongguan plant due to the success of the implementation.

  • Develop cross-functional collaboration competencies to support the Made-to_order Manufacturing Methodology and SAP implementation of the plants.
  • Quickly and effectively develop local middle managers with 'Value-Based Leadership' and 'Fact-Based Management Competencies'.
  • Develop team-based leadership and problem solving capabilities so that the organisation is prepared to adapt to market changes and evolving customer demands.


Case Study Leadership Methodology

Key Outcomes:
  • Successfully developed local managers that managed the expansion from 1 mini-factory with 3 manufacturing lines to 3 mini-factories with 16 lines.
  • Achieved the global best Factory Award within 3 years of leadership development programme.
  • Success of leadership development programme subsequently led to its duplication at the Dongquan Plant.