Letter of Recommendation - BVC


aAdvantage has been a strategic partner of Barrett Values Centre (BVC) since 2009. They have demonstrated clear commitment and leadership in this partnership and have provided valuable insights and contribution to the growth of BVC’s presence in Singapore. They have led many transformation engagements with organisations both in Singapore and in the region, and is by far a clear leader in terms of their knowledge and application of our suite of Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT).

aAdvantage also led the Singapore National Values Assessments (NVA) in years 2012 and 2015 and we are confident and proud to be associated with them. We are often amazed at the insights they bring to the table during these engagements. aAdvantage is the only organisation we have partnered with for NVA in Singapore and we remain committed to support them moving forward.

Lastly, Vincent Ho has been our main contact at aAdvantage since the start. He has proven to be very trustworthy and easy to work with. He is very goal oriented and have clear drive to complete and finish what we have agreed to do. We also appreciate his extensive knowledge in the field of cultural transformation, both for organisations and nations. This has been very valuable when working with Vincent as the Project Director for the Singapore NVA.

Tor Eneroth

Director of Cultural Transformation
Barrett Values Centre