Mission, Vision, Values

In the change consulting sphere, a partnership is a valuable asset to both client and consultant. Going beyond short-term transaction signals commitment towards the long CHANGE journey. Our purpose and set of values act as a compass for how we engage with our partner clients and the delivery of our work


"Great Place. Great Minds. Great Work. ONE FIRM"
At aAdvantage Consulting, we are guided by a shared vision. We believe in creating a positive environment where our people are empowered and enabled to do their best to deliver work that matters to them and our clients.


"Partnering clients in achieving impactful implementation and seamless transformation for sustainable growth."


Be Curious

We have the courage to speak up and do so with positive intentions. We respect each other and believe that improvement and innovation are results of productive conflicts.
Be Insightful

We think through what we do and are focused in the outcomes we are trying to achieve. If in doubt, we ask and clarify.
People Matter
Be Engaging

We strive to forge closer relationships beyond work. We show our care by finding every opportunity to celebrate and recognise the achievements of our people. We embrace diversity and believe in leveraging on each other’s strengths to create success.
Be Driven

Status quo is not an option. We are committed to learning new things every day. We execute our work with positive energy and continuously deliver creative solutions to our clients, our “Promoters”.
We see our people, associates and customers as partners in success. We approach and solve problem with a win-win mentality. We do what we say. We act as owners.