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Net Promoter ScoreĀ® Study 2017 - Study on Public Agencies

The Net Promoter System® is a measurement tool that informs organisations of their customers' loyalty/advocacy levels. Our NPS® 2017 study focussed on 7 public agencies with high levels of interactions with members of public.

Our results suggest that expectations are currently being met, but more could be done to provide perceived benefits for the customers. Furthermore, organisations with a better management of their customers' emotional experience tend to receive better NPS® scores.

What about your organisation?
Do you understand your customers, and are you providing them with the differentiating factor that sets you apart from your competition?

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Engaging Your People for Success

In a tight labour market with slow increase of local talent, due to a low birth rate, and with a need to continue to build a strong Singaporean Core workforce, there is a war for talent whereby companies in the public sector, global multinationals are competing for the same talent pool.  Companies who clearly articulate their employee value proposition and pay attention the Employee Experience they want deliver are more successful. SMEs therefore need to enhance their human capital practices to effectively attract and retain talents to meet these needs.

In this paper, we share how SMEs may take on the challenge of adopting progressive human capital practices and embark on a transformation of their human capital today, to be more resilient in meeting current and future business challenges. 

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Generation Y at Work

Attracting and retaining talent in an organisation has become increasingly challenging for leaders globally. Leaders need to bring the right people into the organisation, and ensure that these people actively contribute to the growth of the organisation. With the continuous tightening of the labour market, it is important for organisations to develop strategies to attract the “right” people and to keep the “right” people within their doors.

It is important to understand what motivates Gen Y employees as they are the future leaders of our workforce. Are the motivators of Gen Y employees different from the rest of the workforce? What are the key drivers for loyalty, likelihood to stay and engagement?

In this paper, we decided to look at our annual Employee Engagement Survey data a little more closely to identify if there are particular factors driving staff engagement of Gen Y which are significantly different from the other age groups.

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Attracting and Retaining Talent in SMEs

Attracting and retaining talent is a common challenge faced by Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). This challenge is an important one to tackle as having the right talent is critical for SMEs to grow. Furthermore, SMEs face this challenge especially with local degree holders, as they tend to have a preference to join bigger corporations.

In this report, we present the state of staff loyalty in SMEs and in particular, we are interested to understand staff loyalty among degree holders in SMEs. As a strategy to recruit and retain degree holders, we believe that local SMEs need to know the necessary interventions to improve the loyalty of this group of employees to local SMEs.

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2015 Singapore National Values Assessment

The 2015 Singapore National Values Assessment is a survey of the perceptions of 2,000 Singapore residents (Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents) that was conducted between March and June 2015 by aAdvantage Consulting Group & Barrett Values Centre. The survey examined what the respondents consider the values and behaviours that best describe them at a personal level. It also examined their perception of what defines Singapore society and their workplace as these are today, and what they desire them to be.

The survey results were released on 23 July 2015 at a closed door discussion organised by the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) where two discussants and around 30 participants analysed the findings and talked about the differences between how respondents perceived Singapore society today and what they desired for. The same was discussed with regard to the Singapore workplace. The information presented at this session by Phil Clothier, CEO of Barrett Values Centre, can be downloaded by completing the form below. You are free to share these slides within the guidelines of the Terms of Use specified in the slides. Please attribute the study to aAdvantage Consulting.

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Transforming Culture in Larger Organisations

Transforming Culture in Larger Organisations by Tor Eneroth & Ashley Munday

Provides an introduction of practical areas leaders and change agents can focus on to begin their cultural transformation journey. This paper includes three brief case studies, an overview of the concepts, and key learnings about transforming culture, and exercises to help you get started.

We see it as a checklist which can help guide the first year or two of your cultural transformation journey. Throughout the paper, there are active links to exercises and resources. While it was developed with larger organisations in mind, the contents can be helpful for organisations of all sizes.

Public Accounting Firms Employee Engagement Study Report 2014

How does your organisation measure up against the accounting industry standards? WeDownload ISCA Whitepaper are delighted to have partnered Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA) to conduct a first of its kind study with the Accountancy Sector to better understand the sentiments of employees working in Public Accounting firms.

In October 2013, we launched the study and invited Public Accounting firms to participate in this study. At the end of this study, each company was presented with an individual report of the company’s results. This enabled firms to uncover insights specific to their firms.The consolidated findings were presented during a seminar organised by ISCA. Please complete the form below to download the results.

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