Creating a consistent wow experience is the difference between attracting customers and retaining them. When an organisation is committed to service excellence, we help them look beyond the obvious. To attain the wow factor and create customer loyalty, both the physical and emotional expectations need to be exceeded.

We partner clients to assess all customer touchpoints from in-store ambience to post-service delivery process, website usability to customer engagement. By utilising measurable and fact-based approaches such as 6 Sigma, Net Promoter Score and Beyond Philosophy, our interventions focus on addressing short term pain points that affect customer experience such as bottlenecks as well as achieving long term savings and results for the organisation.

Service Consultancy:

Service Transformation / Customer Centric Initiative

We take a comprehensive approach towards Defining, Designing, Implementing and Sustaining a Great Customer Experience for your organisation.

We work with you to define the Desired Service Experience for your stakeholders and align organisation systems and processes and enable your people to achieve the intended service outcomes. With a service blue-print, you are able to identify, prioritise and implement the interventions in a systemic way, over a period of time.

The Customer Centric Initiative (CCI) is a national tripartite effort to encourage companies to be committed to service excellence and take the lead in raising service standards in their industry to transform Singapore’s service quality. More information on SPRING Singapore CCI scheme here.

Besides being a CCI approved consultant, aAdvantage is also a WDA Programme Partner for delivery of Service Excellence WSQ Modules for companies embarking on the CCI scheme. For companies under the CCI scheme, funding is available for our customised training programmes.


Deliver your Brand Experience

Customers experience the brand promise through their interactions with your products, services and people, across all touch-points of the organisation. Working with you, we will define and design the “physical” (processes and physical environment) and implement the “emotional” aspects of service delivery to create a differentiated customer experience that is truly reflective of your brand.


Customer Experience Strategy Development

Customers become loyal when their physical and emotional needs are both met. Too often, organisations are pre-occupied in meeting physical needs and tend to forget that their customers experience emotions, either positive and / or negative, when interacting with them. What are the positive emotions that are drivers of customer loyalty? How do we purposefully evoke them and ensure consistency across the organisation?   At the same time, where are the combustion points, leading to negative emotions? How do we eliminate these combustion points? Let us work with you to address the questions here.


Service Culture Assessment

The culture of your organisation is either your biggest asset or your biggest liability. Who you are and what you stand for has become the most significant differentiator of performance. To offer great and differentiated customer experience consistently, your people must be given an environment where they are enabled and equipped to deliver. Inhibitors to building a strong service culture must be identified and addressed even as you focus on interacting with and engaging your customers. Disney has done it, what about you?


Singapore Service Class (S-Class) / Service Excellence (SE) Award

Launched in 2003, Singapore Service Class (S-Class) is the certification for the business excellence niche standard for service. It is a national recognition for organisations that have attained excellence in their service capabilities specifically in service leadership, service agility, customer delight and customer experience. It is particularly relevant to businesses whose success depends greatly on delighting customers and assessments are based on 6 categories namely, Leadership, Planning, Information, People, Customer and Results. To be certified, you must attain a score between 400-699 points in the assessment. Organisations with a score of 700 or more will be awarded the prestigious Service Excellence Award.


Operationalise Customer Experience

How do we help our front-line staff in internalising what it means to deliver the Desired Customer Experience? Through our Touch-point Mapping approach, we identify key interfaces with your customers and work with your team to make sense of how the desired experience can be delivered, purposefully and intentionally. Recommendations may include:

  • develop and review Standard Operating Procedures to ensure that they are aligned to the DESIRED customer experience;
  • set service standards (quantitative, behavioural and recommended verbiages


Design Service Recovery Systems and Approaches

Is service recovery a critical part of your customer experience strategy? It should because it costs more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. Service recovery involves a series of steps that are taken to handle customer feedback and complaints. We help establish clear and effective service recovery systems and equip your people with the necessary skills to deal with various scenarios.


Facilitation, Engagement and Training:

Defining the Desired Customer Experience Workshop (2 days)

How do we get the entire Management Team to be charged up and take ownership in driving Service Excellence across the organisation? How do we ensure consistency of service and what it means to build loyal customers? Through a contracting process, we will design and facilitate workshop(s) with your Management Team and seek alignment and ownership of your organisation’s DESIRED Customer Experience. Deliverables of the session include:

  • service success outcomes (in 3 years); 
  • key areas of focus; ssessing current state at each touchpoints
  • service DNA (expected service behaviours)
  • blue-print for change


Leading and Managing the Desired Customer Experience

Design and facilitate a series of leadership workshops for managers and supervisors enabling them to lead and manage their team in delivering the DESIRED signature customer experience. The facilitated sessions focus on:

  • communicating the vision and garnering buy-in
  • defining their role as a leader in service excellence and foster a sense of personal ownership in delivering service outcomes
  • equipping them with the skills to inspire and facilitate development of a service culture throughout the organisation
  • service innovation processes (optional)


Delivering the Desired Customer Experience

Design and facilitate a series of workshops for operational staff enabling them to deliver the DESIRED signature customer experience and embrace a distinct service philosophy. The facilitated sessions focus on:

  • internalise the service outcomes and garnering buy-in
  • define their role in leading service excellence and foster a sense of personal ownership in delivering service outcomes
  • instil a customer-first mindset amongst operations staff
  • equip staff with the necessary and critical type of customer service skills needed to delight customers according to service standards


Skills-Based Training:

We design and conduct skills-based training programmes that align with your customer experience strategy. Leveraging adult learning tools and methodologies, programmes are highly interactive, challenging and stimulating. Participants learn through a combination of discussions, training videos, role plays and case studies.

Progammes include:

  • Building Relationships with Customers
  • Leading a Service Team
  • Service Etiquette
  • Managing Challenging Customer
  • Managing Service Recovery
  • Coaching Service Champions
  • Train-the-Trainer
  • Networking for Service
  • Implement Continuous Improvement in Service Delivery
  • Lead a Customer-Focussed Organisation




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