Strong Organisational Development Consulting Experience

Our consultants have an average of 10 years consulting experience implementing transformational change initiatives. This experience helps us understand and identify organisational issues. We work closely with the client and facilitate action planning sessions to develop practical follow-up actions.

Experienced in Designing Customised Surveys

We have conducted large-scale organisational-wide surveys as well as perception and satisfaction surveys for public and private sector companies. A customised survey framework is developed with inputs from stakeholders to ensure that the organisation is measuring the “right things”.

Research Synergy through use of Quantitative & Qualitative Research Methodologies

Each study uses a variety of research methodologies (e.g. web surveys, face-to-face facilitated surveys, one-on-one interviews, mail-in surveys, telephone interviews, mystery audits, focus group discussions) which is appropriate to the client circumstances and to ensure that the most accurate data is collected. We will also ensure that appropriate sampling methods are deployed to reduce sampling errors and provide analysis at reasonable confidence levels. Facilities such as one-way glass, audio and visual recordings are available at our office premises.

Experienced Facilitators

Our consultants are experienced in facilitating interviews and focus group sessions across a wide topic from business issues, to customer feedback and employee feedback. The target audience include: senior management (President, CEOs, Managing Directors, Permanent Secretaries, Directors), professionals (engineers, architects, safety and health professionals), customers, employees and the general public.


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